Waitrose expands Deli Kitchen range with world-first Brioche Style Wraps

Deli Kitchen is continuing to innovate mealtimes for Brits by securing a new national listing for its world-first Brioche Style Wraps in Waitrose.

The Brioche Style Wraps are the sixth Deli Kitchen product stocked in the leading retailer, alongside Deli Kitchen’s Greek Style Flatbreads, Sliced Focaccia, Plain Folded Flatbreads, Seeded Folded Flatbreads and Wholemeal Flatbread Thins.

The brand has taken inspiration from a sweet French brioche and combined it with the softness and ease of use of a Mexican tortilla to bring inspiration from around the world to British kitchens.

Responding to the vegan trend, Deli Kitchen has used vegetable oil spread to ensure they are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, while still providing the buttery flavour and sweetness expected from a French brioche.

David Laurence, joint managing director at Deli Kitchen’s parent company, Signature Flatbreads says, “Waitrose customers have been very responsive to the Deli Kitchen range and we’re thrilled we can extend our partnership with the retailer and continue to deliver products to mix up mealtimes.”

The Brioche Style Wraps are available for £1.35 for six.


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