Signature Flatbreads launch their latest bread innovation – The Flatbun

Signature Flatbreads has added Flatbuns to its Deli Kitchen range to meet consumer demand for traditional bread and burger bun alternatives in time for the picnic and barbeque season.

Flatbuns are a circular flatbread the perfect shape and size for a burger.  The Flatbun is a unique product and offers an exciting, tasty and healthy option for consumers looking for an alternative to traditional bread rolls and buns. The Flatbun is available in two varieties, Plain and Harissa.

David Laurence, Commercial Director at Signature Flatbreads, said: “The Deli Kitchen range is influenced by trends for more exotic flavours at mealtimes and the spice of North African harissa is sure to add some heat to summer gatherings.

“At a time when consumers are increasingly health conscious, Flatbuns are a truly unique product that provides an exciting alternative to traditional barbeque accompaniments this summer.”

Signature Flatbreads, led by third generation bakers Charles and William Eid, is constantly developing new baking innovations to spice up mealtimes. Look out for more Deli Kitchen products hitting supermarket shelves in the coming months.


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