Signature Flatbreads continues to invest and create jobs during coronavirus crisis

Signature Flatbreads has sent a message of optimism amidst the economic uncertainty resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic, by committing significant investment to increase production capacity at its Dunstable factory, creating 75-100 new jobs.

The investment comes as a result of the company seeing a continued increase in sales as demand for its newly developed flatbreads has soared. Sales were strong in the lead up to the pandemic, throughout it and have also been sustained as lockdown measures have been eased. The company’s core product range of flatbreads are sold by the UK’s major retailers who saw unprecedented demand for them during the lockdown. Alongside this the rapid growth of Signature’s own brand Deli Kitchen, which offers innovative sandwich bread alternatives, has also fuelled the company’s success as consumers look for meal inspiration to enjoy at home.

With the Covid-19 pandemic bringing the UK unemployment rate up to 4%[1]  so far, with that figure expected to rise, Signature Flatbreads is pleased that their investment will bring 75-100 new jobs to the Dunstable area in a challenging economic climate.

David Laurence, joint MD of Signature Flatbreads, said: “We want to build on our strong sales performance and re-invest into our company. Staff and efficient high-tech production are both essential to our success and will allow us to keep inspiring consumers with high quality, innovative breads. Our production lines bake the best quality flatbreads without sacrificing efficiency.”

An additional new production line was commissioned in June, with another due to be installed this July.

Laurence, also commented: “The company has already benefitted from sales growth as people increasingly demand more interesting breads at mealtimes, which our products deliver. Lockdown has seen this trend continue and products such as our Greek Style Flatbreads are performing well, which we believe is partly due to an increased desire to make home eating more varied, as well as of course it being more frequent.”


[1] Office of National Statistics, April 2020


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