Founding Family Renews Honeytop Relationship

- Aryzta enters joint venture -

ARYZTA has created a new company, Signature Flatbreads that will capitalise on success it has enjoyed with Honeytop Speciality Foods.   The joint venture, in association with Charles and William Eid, will build on the strong base that the company has created, and aims to capitalise on the market growth and innovation opportunities that exist.
Following the sale of Honeytop to ARYZTA in 2011, the Eids have been using their expertise in their flatbread manufacturing company, Signature International Foods, based in India. The joint venture will see the Eid brothers join forces with ARYZTA to create a new company in the UK, trading under the new name Signature Flatbreads.
Honeytop is the UK’s leading provider of customer label flatbreads with a strong and well-established presence in the UK, supplying its blue chip customer base in the UK and across Europe. While Signature International Foods is a pioneering flatbread producer in India, producing an innovative range of authentic Indian breads under the Fresh2Go brand using market-leading technology.
Charles Eid, who will become joint CEO of Signature Flatbreads, said: “From the very early days at Honeytop Foods, and to this day, our vision has always been to offer our customers the very best quality, innovative products which are truly authentic. We believe that by joining forces with ARYZTA, we will create a company that can deliver those values most effectively. This will be the first time any flatbread category has ever received such a combination of resource, focus and skill and we are very excited by the prospects of this joint venture. Since we left Honeytop we’ve been working hard with our new company, not only on product development, but also on technical innovations which will provide some really great, innovative products to bring to market. Watch this space!”
Hilliard Lombard Chief Executive Officer of ARYZTA Europe & Asia Pacific said: “The Eid’s credentials are excellent and Signature International Foods is a great business. We’re really excited by the opportunities that the UK joint venture presents as it gives us a business that has global scale, access to latest technology and innovation, and with a management team that remains entrepreneurial and focused on the things that really matter to customers and consumers, such as new innovative food offerings in the flatbread space.”


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